DRC / Goma: TFAM’s Bishop Joseph W. Tolton sheds light on the Congo Tomorrow project

 Congo Tomorrow is a project based in the DRC and currently has 100 children of the opposite sex with the vision of enrolling 500 children including 250 girls and 250 boys to receive a scholarship and mentoring spiritual, moral and other.

Their target, are rejected people, forgotten in society, the most deprived. These pastors follow the ideology of Kwame Krhuma, the former President of the Republic of Ghana, who wanted Africa to be united and strong, with love for one’s neighbor; they also preach the Gospel of inclusion of LGBTI people.

The Joseph Bishop Tolton, representing the foundation of Jesus Christ’s ministry TFAM Global , a faith-based Pan-Africanism movement to the world came from the United States of America to train and support his black brothers from Africa.

This Pan-African movement aims to collaborate with their African brothers around the world. TFAM’s goal is to preach the gospel with radically inclusively. It is an inspiration to create a world where everyone will be free to live in fraternity and inclusion. That’s the context of our country, the DRC.

Create a young person for Congo tomorrow
 TFAM GLOBAL   is a partner of the Churches of Africa as well as Schools. They have a goal to create a youth project for the Congo of tomorrow. Congo Tomorrow is a project based on the social economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
This ministry was conscious of doing something for the DRC, when it saw the violence has exceeded the limits and that Dr. Dennis Mukwege wins his Nobel Peace Prize by crushing this evil, sexual violence. On international levels The group of pastors were challenged by their consciences to participate effectively and sustainably in the construction of a new Congo, a Congo of tomorrow with as a base, a well-educated and conscious youth on the ethical, moral and spiritual levels. This church leader argues that, God has said in their hearts that today's DRC will not be tomorrow's.
Transforming a new generation
In the same context life of African descent will no longer be suffering, this is the reason for their commitments of transforming Africans life in a political, economic and social way throughout the world. In the context of the DRC, TFAM is working together with men of God, churches and some schools to transform the lives of a new generation that respects gender equality, thus respecting the sacrosanct principle that says "The body of the woman is sacred", which is not a physical domination between the man and the woman. These men of God define the TFAM to these principles, by the same character with of course the same agreement with God who defends, the discrimination between humans and rights of LGBTI people as a rule.
Youth must benefit from its wealth
 They work with these teenagers to make them aware that the desire they have is not to accept economic troubles, they must come together to benefit from the wealth of their nation. 
They aim to build the DRC's strong economy, black Africans and Americans so that together can be equal and there will be no corruption. An inclusive economy. TFAM also wants to conquer the social and spiritual environment of black Africans and ban all forms of human discrimination including those of LGBTI people.
The vision here is that everyone will be closer together in the presence of God and his activities in order to experience God's love, power and transformation.
TFAM is a good ministry
 A ministry that comforts people, cares the faithful spiritually, materially, and socially and approaches them in matters God. 
These pastors gathered in TFAM argue that this movement must spread everywhere in Africa because it aims the total destruction of discrimination and poverty, it is the goal of evangelization to the world supported by the lord bishop Joseph W Tolton.
They have the ambition to bring the life of heaven on earth before going there for a life of eternity. 
Congo Tomorrow is a vision of the realization of the thoughts of Africans based on the "UBUNTU", where everyone is equal to the other, and everyone is accepted as loved by everyone. A respect based on human values. Gays and lesbians are most welcomed. 
TFAM collaborates with Ugandans, Rwanda, Kenya, and Ivory Coast as well as Black Americans, a purely Pan-African movement.
 Let us note that in the long run they think of a people who will have peace, the power to develop and fear of God.
Norbert Mwindulwa

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