Goma : Congo Tomorrow assure une formation en faveur des adolescents Training for adolescents

FAM held a training session for a hundred of children this Friday, April 19, 2019 at the Jehovah Nissi Church in Katindo Goma DRC. 
They have learned about citizenship education, child protection rights and the Bible. 
The recipients had only words of thanks to their trainers.
A total of one hundred children, including fifty teenage girls and 500 young teenage boys, benefited from high-quality training from the TFAM Organization. An organization of the coalition of Protestant churches in Rwanda, Tanzania, America, and DRC... 
Their mission is to prepare a responsible youth for a better Congo of tomorrow. For this reason, their Congo Tomorrow project has set the goal of educating 500 children, including 250 girls and 250 boys, in order to prepare their futures for better success in the DRC.
They have a care
Revival meetings; Workshops materials; facilitators   as well as uniforms and everything for implementation are paid by funds of TFAM GLOBAL. 
This Friday, April 19, 2019, It was a capacity building workshop for these young people so that they master concepts related to education of the responsible citizenship, the lawyer of formation, Master Innocent, first facilitator returned on his topic «you must love your country, if you want to be the Congo of tomorrow, also love your compatriots and your neighbors as states the Bible. I urge you not to be selfish even less tribal "he insisted   giving them qualities of a good citizen. For her part, Lawyer Dorcas, who was in charge of the second module of this training, spoke about the child protection rights and the child protection law in the DRC.
Their protection is guaranteed in our constitution
She argued  that this law n0 09/001 of 10 January 2009 guarantees their protections "this law gives 10 essential points for children the right to be respected, have a name and a nationality, right to dream, live and play, right to be to protect against  violence, right of  non-exploitation of  child, or make a child soldier ... "she briefly  explained.
Even the Bible values ​​children
 In the end, Bishop Joseph, who came from the United States of America for the occasion, came back to the story of the Bible which reveals that "the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children" before confirming that they are the future of Congo , a strong , United , and  Prosperous Congo  that will change the world and  give a new energy for the emergence of the DRC.   Recipients did not hide their satisfaction, this is the case of the teenager Mahombi Bikumiragi who thanked for the initiatives of TFAM 
"It said my people perish for lack of knowledge, today we are enlightened and recipients of new skills for building our country tomorrow and make many people benefit from the knowledge we earned today. 
May God bless TFAM and the facilitator who taught us  «she wishes.
Norbert Mwindulwa

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