GOMA DRC: TFAM training his collaborators in his Congo tomorrow project

TFAM’s Congo Tomorrow project being a social justice initiative purposed to deliver a dramatic statement about the progressive social trajectory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo specifically as it relates to the sacredness of the female body and personhood, and the full inclusion of all marginalized people begins with a series of trainings for the benefit of its components. The people in charge announced it Saturday, February 16, 2019 during a training workshop at the Rudolf Training Center of CEBCA Himbi. The participants are the organs of the law, journalists, students, civil society, teachers, teenagers who are recipients  … but mentored by four religious leaders through TFAM youth Coalition. The recipients of this project are 500 teenagers. The sample of these teenagers of Congo tomorrow had their workshop separately with the adults.  They are 15 young boys and 15 young girls at first.                                                                                                
TFAM, a non-governmental organization having a part of program called Congo Tomorrow. This project is led by religious leaders from four churches and several components of the society including journalists, civil society, teachers who train these children, students and NGOs. All these components are in coalition for fighting social injustice and discriminations of all forms said the Bishop Joseph Tolton from the United States of America, who came on the occasion.
Do you know God?This man of God has taken his Sermon from the book of Psalm 141 to verse 14: « I will adore you because I am faithful and a person of importance, an extraordinary person, your work is exceptional and your soul knows it … » so says the Bible. The man of God Joseph asked the audience if they knew God because his topic of day was  » Who is God  »? Here, he wanted that faithful Christians describe God so as to know themselves. This man of God supports the motion that if Christians know themselves better, they must love each other and love their fellow man as they love themselves, hence the beginning of social justice and prosperity for a Congo tomorrow. Taking the floor, the evangelist Prosper B., the trainer of the day for the Adult workshop summarized   notions learnt at the last time, during another training session organized by TFAM in Gomas at the launch of Congo tomorrow project. « We talked about justice and prosperity, justice means equity, equality  … » he bounced back and added saying that there are two kinds of justices for the Congo of tomorrow; it is the equality of chances and equality of places.  He qualified his subject by referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in his first article which states that « we are born equal and act for each other in the spirit of rights » he declared and added that the Bible also says, « in all nation the one who fears God and practice justice is pleasing to him « . He concluded. The unity is strength it is said
The Evangelist Prosper believes that these concepts are complementary  for facilitating  project’s stakeholders to stick together  in order to  work together for the success of  Congo Tomorrow program, a program that will enroll 500 children including 250 girls and 250 boys for a year with  possibility of extension in a series of workshops, worship services, and advocacy training focused on women’s wellness, a redefinition of male identity, social inclusion of all minorities, and economic cooperation and creativity.
« I think that each of us has a role to play in this project, from which everyone’s understanding to complement each other, a social inclusion in advocacy for the Congo  tomorrow,  also   fill our gaps in this project » he  explained . This man wants that each stakeholder in the project of Congo Tomorrow can play his role for example; journalists regularly broadcast and publish project activities information of the called project in order to inform the population and decision makers on this project progress and its importance in our community.Donors can be informed in real time through online presses, they will have press stories and videos on all activities in a short time, he continued with a set of questions-answers for closing this workshop for satisfaction of attendees.
Norbert Mwindulwa

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