Goma – DRC: Pastor Dr. Jonathan Weaver, shows his determination to promote AME CHURCH community in the country

Pastor Dr. Jonathan Weaver from United States of America wants to promote the community of African Methodist Episcopal Church in the DRC (AMEC).  He showed his goodwill by starting with the establishment of a pilot school and administering free multiple medical care missions to thousands of Congolese.

He does this each year in august but for this occasion of school assessment on May 1, 2019 during his visit to Goma DRC he dropped to field himself.

According to this great man of God and African American doctor, the African American community must think of coming back to the drawing board for promoting their African origins. This, through promoting the education of the poorest children, orphans, marginalized people, raped women, and girls dropped out from schools because of early pregnancies or forced marriages   and the administration quality medical missions’ care to all their peers who need it for each year

Helping others as oneself
 Pastor Jonathan Weaver repeats the target of his visit to the DRC, specifically in Goma, in eastern DRC "There is nothing noble in the world than the carrier of serving one's fellow men and mainly poor people, orphans, marginalized people, survivors of SGBV, orphans due to the last Ebola outbreak who need some  first necessities life needs., "he said  and emphasized that  that's why, we're here for a feasibility study of seeing  how to get a good plot for the AMEC community and build a good school for these children whose, their places are in school and not in the streets, he declared . These deprived children will also need valuable equipment for studying properly and this is also our duty as Americans of African descent to comfort our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in Africa.
He always come with his friends, volunteer doctors, nurses and other donors from AME CHUCH USA 
It must be pointed out that Pastor Jonathan Weaver came alone to the Democratic Republic of Congo at school for this occasion, but all the times he is always followed with a dozen African American  doctors, nurses and other donors  including Dr. Raymond Nelson  of the GIFT OF GIVING MEDICAL MISSIONS. 
According to our sources, Brother Prosper and pastor seraphin focal points of the project in DRC more than 300 people always benefit from their free medical services with the medical kits that are left to the targeted health center each year 
. Their target is deprived children ,  orphans ,   survivors of SGBV ,  orphans due to the last Ebola outbreak who always  benefit  from their medical services and trauma counseling  due to  various problems related to insecurity, the very worrying security situation and Congolese social and political realities. 
Several hundred children are already benefitting from their support, outstandingly by providing them school kits, school fees by paying their teachers and the rent of the school, uniforms and other school materials for students. All these are free cost.  
This school is also recipient of TFAM GLOBAL East Africa panafricanism projects through the great modern pan Africanist Bishop Joseph Tolton from USA
It must also be pointed out that these children are also recipients of a big project of social justice initiated by a very powerful pan Africanism USA movement called TFAM GLOBAL and the project is CONGO TOMORROW. The project is in progress and will take one year. These children benefit from the project each month.
It must be notified that the AME CHURCH community in Goma is run by Elder Salomon Kulu.
Norbert Mwindulwa

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